Commercial Lighting Installation

Commercial Lighting Installation

Our company provides many outdoor and indoor commercial lighting installation services for all types of business. If you are replacing existing lighting or installing new lighting, our certified electricians offer quality expertise in all electrical lighting commercial services. We have undertaken many lighting projects for retail stores, country clubs, warehouses, apartments, restaurants, and many other commercial properties. The team of professionals within our company can get all done, from the installation of high bay fixtures that are about 30 feet in the air, to the wiring of spotlights for ground landscape lighting.

The lighting technology in use now has drastically changed over the past years, it is essential for you to update your company’s lighting so that you can enjoy energy efficiency and save costs for your business. We can brighten and revamp your property with efficient solutions!

Simon Electric Commercial Indoor Lighting Services

  • Bulb Replacement and Ballast
  • Lighting Retrofits: A lighting retrofit makes the lighting more energy efficient by upgrading the lamps or fixtures. The cost of these projects can be offset by energy savings over time.
  • Low and High Bay Lighting: Low Bay lighting highlights detail work when installed overhead and is perfect for warehouses, industrial and retail applications. High Bay light fixtures are made of sturdy, die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Track Lighting: this is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached at any point on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors.
  • LED Lighting: LED (light-emitting diode) is one of the present day most rapidly-evolving and energy efficient lighting technologies. LED quality light bulbs last longer, and are more durable and produce comparable or even better light quality than other types of lighting.
  • Security Lighting and Exit Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting: this lighting is usually installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.
  • Office Area Lighting: having the proper office lighting adds the desired ambiance and promotes works productivity.
  • Fluorescent Lighting

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