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Electrical power is very essential in our everyday lives and the importance of proper installation and maintenance cannot be overstated! If you are familiar with the inconveniences that a lack of power supply can bring, you will know how vital electrical power is the smooth operation of everyday life. You need power supply for your gadgets, computers, appliances, phones, lights and so on.

At Simon Electric LLC, we as electrical contractors realize how crucial electrical power is to your life, which is why we're always ready to help you setup your home’s electrical systems effectively and efficiently. The features that accompany a home electrical system are as follows:

  • An electric meter
  • Electric outlets
  • Household wiring
  • Power lines
  • Switches
  • Service panel
  • Electrical boxes
  • Sub panel

We can also help you with the installation of other electrical systems in the home. Electrical systems like home entertainment wiring for audio systems, cable television and home theatres in addition to home communications wiring for your doorbells, telephones, intercoms and security systems.


Installation of home electrical systems can be tricky, frustrating and hugely demanding, which is why you need the ultimate professional touch and that is where we come in at Simon Electric LLC! With us in charge, the days of having unnecessary worries over your home electrical systems is a thing of the past.

There are basically two types of electrical wiring employed for the purpose of home usage. The electrical wirings are: standard-voltage electrical wiring and low-voltage electrical wiring. Standard-voltage electrical wiring are volatile and dangerous and as such must be expertly handled with eagle eye to prevent any unfortunate situation of shock or electrocution. As long as instructions are duly followed in addition to switching off the power connected to circuits and devices, then safety should be guaranteed. Standard-voltage electrical wiring is used for lights, appliances and electrical outlets.

Low-voltage electrical wiring is, however, safer compared to the aforementioned standard-voltage electrical wiring and can be operated by those with little or no knowledge about electrical systems installation. They are often used for security systems, cable television and speakers.

Give us a call today so we can properly assess all your family’s electrical needs and schedule the proper projects to get your home running in the most efficient and beneficial way for you!

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