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Well maintained landscaping according to financial experts can add 15% to the selling price of the home and this allows homeowners to recoup all their expenditure on landscaping. If you are not planning to sell, creating an environment that adds to your pride of home-ownership should be a priority.

Accentuating your home's architecture is our goal; we ensure a colorful and easy to maintain landscape for your home. We create a customized and personal plan for each and every homeowner because we believe that landscaping is an individual process. If you want a low-maintenance or you have specific landscaping ideas, our trained personnel will work with you towards the creation of a tailored plan to your time frames, budget and lifestyle. We utilize the latest techniques to provide custom landscaping solutions to satisfy you.

Our landscape architects are always up to date and participate in ongoing education on the latest techniques and trends You are sure of getting the deserved attention from us whenever you have service questions, concerns or reservations.

Service delivery steps

Initial consultation: this step involves sitting down with you to discuss the intended look of your property, your budget size, and the time frame. We also discuss how your landscaping will fit your lifestyle and property.

Development of master plan: in line with your input, our team will use their expertise to put together a plan that will fit your specification, keeping in mind your budget size.

Proposal drafting: cost and work schedule, including the landscaping recommendation, will be made available for your review. Some projects are done in phases so as to work within the budget of the client.

Preparatory meeting: we schedule a second meeting with you, so as to review the proposal and plan and schedule the commencement time for your landscaping project.

Follow-up: we follow up with you to ascertain your satisfaction after the completion of the job. We are available 24/7 to promptly attend to all your issues and concerns promptly

When you hire us, you can be rest assured you have chosen a company with the knowledge, commitment, and reputation for the task; we are always willing to reason with you concerning your budget.

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