Commercial Electric Panels


A commercial electrical panel is responsible for the provision of electricity from gadgets to computers, copiers etc. throughout the building it delivers electric too. In other words, it can best be described as the brain controlling the flow of an electrical system. Power flows into the building via this panel, before it branches out into major electrical branches, thus reducing into smaller branches so as to distribute power. For safety purposes, a properly functioning electrical panel is extremely important.

Why is a panel needed?

A panel is needed in an electrical system to break up the power supply of 100 amps or larger down to small circuits. Small circuit requirements start at 15 amps and can go as high as required by the specific item and voltage.

Locate Your Electrical Panel: To identify your electrical panel, start by searching for a painted or gray metal box. All electrical panels must be located in areas that are easily accessible and out of the way to stay with the necessary safety requirements. In case you have a hard time in locating your panel, look outward for outdoor panels, they are a convenient way to avoid violating any requirements.

Old electric panels can lead to a myriad of problems such as:

  • Flickering lights.
  • Cracking sounds coming from the panel.
  • Burned electrical wires.
  • Melted or smoking outlets.
  • Breakers that constantly trip or fuses that frequently blow.
  • The need to turn off some gadgets to use others.
  • Melted electrical wires.
  • Defective circuit breakers that fall on trip, resulting in shocks, overheating, and fire.

Your business' productivity gets stuck when you're not able to operate at full power. Ignoring these signs can create a further risk to the safety of your customers, employees, and property as outdated wiring can result in a commercial fire or electrical shock.

Do you believe your panel needs to be changed? Simon Electric LLC is the electrical contractors' answer for your new commercial electrical panel. Electrical Installation Services are always carried out by Simon Electric professionals.

Our services include:

  • Service Upgrade: We will always be at your service if you need an upgrade to your electrical system.
  • Meter Base Repairs: Contact us for repairs on your electric meter base.
  • Meter Base Replacements: Do you require replacement for your electric meter base? We can do that for you.
  • Service Mast Repairs: Contact us at Simon Electric LLC for your repairs on service mast.
  • Replace Weather Head: In need of weather head replacement, we are always ready to assist you with that.
  • New Grounding Systems: Contact us for the design of a new grounding system to help prevent lightning damage to your equipment.
  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices: The whole-house protection devices allows only the electricity you need and also protects your devices from any surge. Feel free to reach us if you are in need of one.
  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels: For proper labeling of household circuits on existing electrical panel, do well to contact us.
  • Sub Panels: We are experts at the installation of electrical sub panels.

It is advisable that the complicated installation and maintenance of your new electrical panel should only be performed by a professional to ensure:

  1. The right size service panels to meet your needs.
  2. Wiring is installed to current local and federal codes, which frequently change.
  3. Local planning permits and approvals are received.
  4. A different power supply or meter is supplied by the power company before installation (when necessary).
  5. The use of appropriate materials, including safe and proper grounding copper.
  6. Existing wires are repaired and replaced where necessary, performed properly, and meet current codes.
  7. Knowledge of your new system, including a schematic of your new panel and wiring and all functions and switches.

Remember to contact Simon Electric LLC today so that our technicians can install a new electrical panel in your business.

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