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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Lighting Repair and Installation

Putting in place proper lighting is a necessity for your customers, products and employees as it guarantees safety, stable production, and sales. We install the right light at the right height so you are assured of getting the most out of your lighting. Our electrical contractor services will also offer recommendations on how to install or repair your lighting.

Commercial Equipment Connections

New equipment mostly requires connection to the electrical grid before it can be installed or operated. The large machinery is usually wired into the electrical panel. This procedure is very dangerous, as it exposes the installer to high voltage currents and is better performed by a licensed electrician who is familiar with these conditions. We can respond to your connection needs anytime, any day.

The quality of voltage delivered into the system is known as power quality and can affect the life expectancy and performance of your equipment. An inconsistent voltage can affect the operations or damage your equipment. The process of improving power quality is known as power conditioning. Do you have power quality issues? Don’t worry, we can fix it!

Electrical Service Upgrades

We can 100% guarantee your satisfaction as we help in designing, building, installing and upgrading of your electrical systems. Our insured and licensed technicians will get your building up running with power in few hours.

New Construction and Tenant Finish-Out

Changing the purpose of commercial properties to suit a wide array of uses depends on your current need. As changes occur in the offices, the electrical system needs to be evaluated and considered to meet the desired requirements.

We are confident that our licensed commercial electrician can provide competitive estimates and excellent work. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Service Panel Inspections

Electrical panels are boxes in which circuit breakers are housed; they are a safety device that impedes the electrical current when it exceeds the safe level for electrical system in use.

Our inspectors check for the following defect during electrical panel inspection

  • Insufficient clearance
  • Aluminum branch wiring
  • Damaged sharp tipped panel box wires or tips
  • Circuit breakers that are not properly sized
  • Corrosion or oxidation of any parts
  • Rodent induced damage
  • Electrical failures, such as overheated or burned components
  • Signs of water damage
  • Evidence of improper or missing bonding

Thermal Imaging

Loose connections, mechanical damage, obstructed cooling and weakening of isolations lead to accidents. This service can help you identify overheating and guarantees a way to detect poor connections and over-current faults.

The objective of the service is to identify and assess invisible areas of possible danger, inadequacy or risk in your electrical system.

Thermal imaging operates through the comparison of temperature rise in the faulty components to the correctly operating ones, subjecting the two to the same loading conditions thereby revealing the extent of the problem.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

  • No shutdown of operation while conducting the survey, as it can be carried out during normal operating conditions.
  • Uncovers faults accurately and quickly as a non-contact measurement tool.
  • Can help in discerning the items that require priority maintenance.
  • Fire or damage arising from temperature rise can be avoided.
  • Aides in the extension of equipment life.

Our thermographer uses a thermal imaging camera to photograph and examine your electrical system, a professional report and analysis will be generated using a digital photo with a color thermograph to confirm the fault or potential risk location. Our professional recommendations will help to resolve the issue arising from the report.

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