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Installation of electric panels is another challenge faced by residential building owners; the problem of HOW, WHERE and WHO will install electric panels. Although to install the electric panel, you need to remove out the knockouts so as to install the feeder pipe. Then, you install the connector into the panel and also install a lock nut to hold it in place

Another challenge they face is when using metal pipe for installation. But if you are using metal pipe, place a plastic bushing over the connector threads. You will have to level the panel so as to insert screws through the holes that is opened in the back of the panel. But if you don’t see any hole, you will have to drill a hole to accumulate the installation. Remember to hire a good electrical contractor for the project as it is sensitive project.

Now, using a fish type, pull the electrical feeder wire through the feeder pipe leaving enough wire to get to the opposite side of the panel. Another thing to do is bend the two black wires to shape them for easy installation to the main breaker.

What is residential main breaker

The main breaker is at the top right of the panel. A main breaker panel is made up of; the meter, the primary conduit, the main breaker panel, entrance conductors, meter base and associated hardware. After installing the two black wires into the main breaker, you then stripe the wire well to make the link to the main breaker terminal lug. Remember that excess bare wires leave a safety hazard if the wires come in contact with another.

The final part is now to install the branch circuit wires. Some of the things you need to note before installing electrical panel in your house include:

  • Checking the local code of your area to know if you are permitted to wire your house.
  • Check if a permit is required.
  • Call your electric company and schedule a power disconnect and reconnect for the day you plan to do the work.

We are the best electrical contractor you need to handle the project. We can help you purchase the necessary quality materials you need. Every electrical service can be different but here are some things you need to buy if you want to install electric panel in your house; main electric panel, circuit breaker, service cable if it is needed, service cable straps, 2 8ft ground rods 5/8” in diameter, 2 a corn ground clamp, 2 pipe ground clamps, a meter base if it is needed, 4 bare ground wires, etc. Although you may also add other materials or change the sizes of the materials, this depends on where you are installing your electric panel.

You don’t have to go too far for your electric panel installation; Simon Electric will ensure that you get the most professional service in town. We have a team of experts to help you with your residence’s electric panel installation.

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